AO World – closing short at loss – rallying too hard…

Closing my AO World short at a loss of about 5% vs when I first posted – stock is rallying very hard on no news whatsoever so I am pulling out for now.

I still think the stock is stupidly overvalued – but I cant take loosing this quickly. I need to be sharper than I am with my usual slow, value investments. I believe much of today’s rally will be due to shorter’s stops being hit above 290.

One day this will fall hard – I hope to be short when it does….


Review of 2014

End of year means time to review how I did.

Overall up c22%, given that the FTSE is slightly down for 2014 that isnt a bad result. As quite a few of my holdings are small cap AIM is down quite significantly about 20% so this makes performance even more positive. This was done with minimal leverage.
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