Applicances Online – Try try again

Re-shorting this – should never have closed originally. Got scared out of my position – with very limited fundamental justification.

Think this stock is making a continuation flag, bit of insider selling… Not the biggest believer in technicals but on a sentiment driven stupidly overvalued stock like this it is probably best way to go…


Resource Holding Management (RHM)

RHM is a tiny media brokerage. It’s market capitalisation is £3.5m – so it is ultra small. What is interesting is that in January 2014 it sold its interest in Red Media Asia to PUC founder Berhad (PUCF). This was funded by PUCF selling shares in itself to RHM.

So RHM has a few legacy businesses and shares in PUCF. It also holds a number of PUCF warrants.

The PUCF holding is currently worth £14.6m GBP.
This is four times RHM’s market cap – a 51% stake in PUCF. Continue reading “Resource Holding Management (RHM)”