DUPD – IT trading at near cash value, discount of 75%

Just bought a 5% portfolio weight in Dragon Ukranian Property and Development.

The Market Cap is $23.7m.  It holds $16m in cash / recievables making this a pretty solid bet.  It holds $54.8m other assets which it is trying to liquidate.

The only problem is that its based in the Ukraine….

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RHM – Delisted, Vote No on all resolutions


This will delist tomorrow.  They were involved in a reverse takeover but havent issued a prospectus in 6 months.  As a result their holding has been suspended for 6 months so will be delisted.

RHM’s main asset PUCF want to go from being a media broker to being a media broker and renewable energy supplier – to counterbalance volatility in media brokerage.

It’s not all bad – current RHM market cap is £3.7m – as of latest RNS RHM owns 40% of PUCF, worth £6m and RHM has cash of £2.9m.

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Wind – Complete Success +18%

Got paid my 60.1p for my wind shares the other day – 18% profit.


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Due to low risk of loss on these should probably have put more in / done something with guaranteed stops via my spreadbet broker.  Still a 20% portfolio weighting is pretty aggressive.

If only there were more ideas like this out there.  Suggestions from readers would be appreciated!