Closed Trump Trades – Frustrating minor Loss

Just closed all Trump Trades – Short S&P, Long gold / Long silver, Total Loss of 0.45% Total Capital.

Very frustrating to anticipate this correctly then not make any money.  Still it is all experience.  Should have been much quicker in taking profit rather than running and also stayed up to watch conciliatory victory speech / set an alert or limit…

I am amazed market has more or less rallied to where it was the day before following one of the biggest political upsets in the last 100 years.

I am not prepared to argue at this stage.  I think we are in denial here that the world has changed.  Americans are by nature / education optimistic so this rally will probably have legs.

What I should also have done is bought VIX / put options when we were in denial that Trump should win in late October.  I expect this opportunity will repeat itself before we get to see what President Trump will do and the subsequent market reaction…


3 thoughts on “Closed Trump Trades – Frustrating minor Loss”

  1. I simply went long on Hilary via IgIndex yesterday evening. I thought it was a near guaranteed 20%. If Trump unexpectedly did win then I had a big pile of cash ready to buy cheap stocks. Like you very frustrated there was such a muted drop.

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