Selling Stagecoach -30%

Decided to sell stagecoach – quite a heavy loss of 30% (adjusted for dividends paid).

Catalyst is strike news (though I dont think this will really have much effect) but actually for a while I have thought I was too early with my decision to go into this.

The logic is correct but I am much too soon.

I will look to re-enter at a more favourable price / time.



Symphony International ($SIHL) 3- Selling at $86.25 +57%

Sold all my Symphony International on Monday at $0.8625.

Discount has narrowed substantially – it’s now got a NAV of $1.16 so trading on a discount of 25%.  When I first invested in this in January 2014 the discount was 45%.

The NAV / discount has only fallen slightly – even though the share has paid out quite a lot 35c.  Underlying assets have done quite well.

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Tejoori #TJI – Vote FOR delisting, potential 20% quick gain

Good news on Tejoori – they are delisting and returning cash.

There is something of a hurdle to be reached as they need 75% of shareholders to vote in favour of delisting in order to get the cash back.  Cash is worth about $0.63 a share – less delisting / liquidation costs.

Though the spread is quoted as $0.47-0.52 you can actually buy at 0.5 in reasonable size.

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