Why are Thais and Cambodians Reading ?


Lots of Thai’s and Cambodians are reading this.  I find it odd as I have never covered anything related to this.

Would any of you be so kind as to leave a comment and explain ?




3 thoughts on “Why are Thais and Cambodians Reading ?”

  1. Hello Rob
    I am living in Thailand, not Thai, but European, and reading your blog from time to time. It contains a lot of interesting ideas, thank you for making them public.
    There are many blogs about value investing out there, in my opinion yours is one of the better ones, worth reading.
    There is a growing Thai middle class that has some money to invest abroad. Additionally, there are many foreigners like me working or retiring here that might read your blog.
    And I think that it makes sense to read a UK blog about value investing right now, with so many other markets being too expensive. Brexit creates uncertainty, and investors hate that. Therefore it is still possible to find reasonably priced stocks in the UK.
    Cambodia is different than Thailand, as it is a country where most people are still very poor. This is mainly because of history, see Khmer Rouge.
    But in Cambodia, there are quite a few small foreign traders and investors that try to earn a living from it. Because Cambodia has exceptionally cheap living costs and the visas to stay are easy to obtain, Moreover, Cambodian people are super friendly.
    I suppose that is the reason why some people living in Cambodia read your blog.
    Apart from this, Cambodia has also interesting stocks. Asians are notorious gamblers, and Donaco (dna.asx) has a strong casino business. But take care, Thailand might legalize the casinos soon, so there are high legal risks.

    1. Thanks Andreas I will take a look at DNA.ASX….

      It was just a strange surge in traffic from those two countries over a couple of days….

      Thanks for the compliment – hopefully the best ideas are yet to come.


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