Commission-Free large/mid-cap trading

I don’t usually do promotional posts but I thought I would send this as I genuinely think it is a great deal for some of you – and I hadn’t heard of it.  If I had I would have moved money to avoid paying comission on some of the recent large cap investments I have made (CMCX / JUST).

If you sign up via the link below you (and I) get a free stock worth up to 100 GBP, 100 CHF or 100 EUR.  If you are smart set up your account in GBP – as 100 GBP is worth more than 100 CHF / EUR.  They will give you the stock even if you only put in £1! I have done this so confirm it works.

Trading 212 doesnt charge any comission for trades. You can set up an ISA via them too – so you won’t pay CGT/ tax on dividends.

Link is here:

Apparently they have been going since September 2018 (  But I just heard.  I will be switching a portion of my funds when I next find a large cap I want to invest in.

This isn’t financial advice. I use multiple banks / brokers to reduce the risk that any one going down will cost me too much, you should too!

I promise not to make a habit of this sort of post. On the other hand some of you will pay lots in comission / may want to give me something for all my hard work on this over the years!

FCA details are here – its legit:


Link again. – give it a try, nothing to lose!

Enjoy – let me know in the comments when you get your free share.



4 thoughts on “Commission-Free large/mid-cap trading”

  1. Mind if I ask what free share they gave you? Apparently the share is randomly selected up to the cap, so I guess you could get one worth £2!

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