4D Pharma ($DDDD)- Bad news but strange director buying

Quick post on 4d pharma.  I bought back in 2017 then averaged down a touch.  This hasn’t gone well, my initial stake was at £2.47 and its now c£1.00.  It’s by far the biggest of my risky holdings.  I bought in as I have various stomach health issues that are massively helped by probiotics – so there is something in this and I believe these guys are leaders who can find and develop whatever is in it. What I have is very rare – 1/10000 of the population, of those, how many invest? Of those how many would invest in this? That, is my edge, or at least my perceived edge.

This may sound like a bit of a sketchy way to invest but one I ignored was Hutchinson China Meditech – I lived in China and was convinced Chinese medicine worked.  I very nearly invested but didnt – and the price is up 37X since!

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