6 thoughts on “My first podcast”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast.As regards corporate governance in Africa there are generally regarded as 7 ‘safe’ African countries:Mauritius,Morocco,Ghana,Senegal,Botswana,Kenya and Zambia.Apart from Kazachstan a couple of other countries well regarded by the investment community as very pro business in their region are :Chile,Georgia,Malaysia and UAE

    1. Yes, maybe I was too harsh on Afria in retrospect – bits of the North looking like a good opportunity. Nervous about SA, even though I invest there….

  2. Very interesting. Have been looking into expanding my horizon to more frontier markets due generally high valuations in the West and this discussion definitely increased my appetite. Have always been against large cap companies (many eyes analyzing those) but I guess it makes a ton more sense in frontier markets.

    1. Large cap much cheaper in certain emerging markets. Given price difference, to me not much advantage and many disadvantages to going in to smaller cap emerging – but I haven’t looked in great detail.

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