Exiting IIP – out of Patience -27% / +10%

Exited the last of my IPP – at a small loss of -27% vs when I posted or +10% on my actual position (I sold a bit when it spiked up).

I have lost patience in the refinancing – which has been going on for over a year now.  I am concerned there is some problem we are not being told about – and without a refinancing this is pretty much dead.  I don’t have any evidence for anything – but when things drag on and on eventually even my patience runs out.

Best of luck to those who hold.


Infrastructure India Fund – Small, risky but good upside potential

Just put a very small position (1.4% portfolio) in Infrastructure India Fund at 3p.

It has come up on my screens a few times but is now too cheap to ignore.  This is highly risky stuff but has very good upside – if it all plays out.  I can see a multiple of the current share price in a year or two.

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