Adding to Polo Resources

I have decided to add a little to Polo Resources.  The underlying holdings seem to be moving up in value – and the discount to NAV is now 75%.  I bought at c4.3 earlier in the week.  Only a small position – 2% portfolio weight added, 3% in total.

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Review of 2014

End of year means time to review how I did.

Overall up c22%, given that the FTSE is slightly down for 2014 that isnt a bad result. As quite a few of my holdings are small cap AIM is down quite significantly about 20% so this makes performance even more positive. This was done with minimal leverage.
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Polo Resources – make a mint or just an empty hole ?

Just added a small position – (c3% portfolio) in Polo Resources.

This is an investment trust investing in small cap miners / oil exploration companies.

Not my usual cup of tea but I have decided to take a punt on this as I think there is value which will reveal itself reasonably soon.
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