Rasmala – tender at 150 buy at 143 – do it now!

Rasmala offer announced – you can buy at 143 in the market (now 147 (someone bought some 🙂 ), tender at 150 – making a quick 4.8% profit…

You might want to keep your eyes open on this.

Due to how nominee accounts work – all the shareholders at your brokerage are in a pooled account.  That account of (say) 1m shares has rights to tender and be filled 74% in line with the tender offer. If not everyone tenders all their shares you can get filled 100%, in effect, free money.

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KR1 – Kryptonite 1 Good results re-entering

Got shaken out of my KR1 position by large falls in Krypto prices coupled with news China were restricting Crypto.

Bought back a 2.4% portfolio weight first thing this morning – this is nicely up already.  Not the smartest way to trade – going in and out of stuff like this at a 20% spread just makes market makers rich, even if you are trading profitably…

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