Why Blog

  • As a record and test of my thoughts on stocks at various points in time – its very easy to convince yourself you thought x when actually you thought y.  I am going to blog to record what I actually thought throughout the process.  Although I keep a diary now – this will systematize things.  I also value criticism and comment – if I am wrong tell me.  I am quite happy to change my mind in an instant, if need be (though I seldom do).
  • To promote my stocks.  Quite a few of my stocks are small and unloved, sadly, no-one cares about them.  I can put my money in – the price wont move (as I don’t have enough to move the price much).  This leaves ample opportunity for others to read my analysis, invest and move the price up.  I am not pumping and dumping – I identify stocks which I think are good buys, buy them, then promote them.  I will of course ultimately sell out and post this (albeit after the fact).
  • To promote me.  We live in a world of opportunity, I am lucky in that I have found a few decent ones, however I think there may be better ones out there.  If a fund / journalist / investor is looking for someone to identify the sort of opportunities I can find, or likes my ideas feel free to get in touch.  I am doing well on my own – but am always open to discussion. If anyone is interested my linked in profile is here.
  • To attract the attention of anyone who might look to hire me on a part time or consultancy basis. I would be interested in (say) working a couple of days a week in London / potentially elsewhere ideally generating ideas – maybe for a hedge fund / asset manager, probably for not a lot of money. My aim would be to find a role where I can live a healthy, happy, balanced life. I am familiar enough with the investment industry and most of the people in it to know this is a remote prospect – still worth a shot!

2 thoughts on “Why Blog”

  1. Hey, read your site. Maybe try stockmonitor.com to build test portfolios with stop losses.. as a strategy test. As well as your blog. Lee

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