Tharisa – mispriced following minority buy out, very low risk opportunity.

I believe yesterday’s RNS released by Tharisa. They are buying out BEE minorities stake in the South African Mine for $26.5m by issuing 13 903 743 new shares. I wrote them up here (when the Rhodium price was much higher). I think the share price isn’t reflecting the amount of value they have obtained from this transaction.

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Tharisa – ridiculously cheap, High Rhodium Price means a likely PE well under 4

In recent months I have been investing more in natural resource co’s. Focussing on Uranium (URNM, KAP, YCA (now sold for more URNM). I bought copper via COPM and CAML as well as gold/ silver via metals holdings and AAZ (free mines following the Azerbaijan/Armenia war) as well as TSG and a few others….

Now my portfolio is c48% natural resources with 10% gold/ silver metal. I bought Tharisa a few weeks ago to add to this replacing my holding in JLP, as I think this is better…

There has been disruption in production due to COVID , but the main reason I am in is (in the main) due to developed world money printing. I believe this will be inflationary so resources that can’t be printed are a good place to be. Think about it like this, if the stock of money increases (say) 25% then any fixed quantity in the economy should also increase by at least this. Of course, reality is not that simple as demand/ production increases / decreases. I believe this printing is not like that which occurred around 2010 as that was to recapitalise the banks so just sat on their balance sheets so wasn’t inflationary whereas this will get out into the ‘real’ economy.

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