2017 Performance c+37%, Not bad, but never enough….

Just done my final performance numbers for 2017 – I recon the figure will come out at +c37%.

This isnt bad compared to FTSE AS Total return in GBP of 12%.  Volatility has been minimal – maximum monthly drawdown was 3.8%.

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Kryptonite 1 – selling half, +156% & Other Crypto thoughts

Brief post sold half my Kryptonite 1, for a modest 156% gain.  I say modest as pretty much every crypto related co or asset has outperformed KR1 since I got in.

I am not happy with their continual sub-share price placements – good for their connected friends and management but not other shareholders such as myself.  This, however is an irritant / contributory factor rather than the reason I am selling.  I also looked at the polkadot investment that others seem to rate so highly and to me they have invested £1m in something with no clear way to get the money back.  It could be that I dont understand it, or that I do – and it wont make money.  It equally could be that it wont make money and will go up anyway – in a market like this it wouldn’t surprise me.

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Infrastructure India Fund – Small, risky but good upside potential

Just put a very small position (1.4% portfolio) in Infrastructure India Fund at 3p.

It has come up on my screens a few times but is now too cheap to ignore.  This is highly risky stuff but has very good upside – if it all plays out.  I can see a multiple of the current share price in a year or two.

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PV Crystalox Solar – Another liquidation play

Added a 9% portfolio weight to PVCS at 21.68p a share.

This is a solar manufacturer which has just won an arbitration case against a customer who refused to pay up.  This has been quite well covered in the Investors Chronicle and elsewhere so only a short post on this.

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