DUPD – He who turns and runs away….

… Lives to fight another day.

Decided to terminate all positions in DUPD.  

I havent found anything wrong with my thesis originally.  All that has happened is the political situation has deteriorated markedly over the past few days, to the point where protestors are literally manning the barricades across Ukraine.  

As this doesn’t seem to be reflected in the price right now (its pretty much the same price as when I bought it).  I have decided to terminate my position.  I am up about 22% on my original entry.  I am concerned at the possibility of civil war, or repression leading to sanctions, neither of which would be good for business.

I will look to reenter ideally at a lower price when Ukraine has settled down, probably in a couple of weeks.  I don’t usually semi day-trade like this but where the situation demands it I will. 

Made the deal at level 2 so no need to pay the spread – something I recommend when looking at DUPD.  I use Interactive brokers but idealing and others in the UK allow you to do this.


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